Global customer summit 2020
October 20-21, 2020, online
In 2020, the year of Volga-Dnepr 30th anniversary, we hosted an online forum in order to discuss how the world's industry leaders see the dynamic needs of the market changing, the impact of the changes that the 2020 pandemic brought. The summit participants, experts from across aerospace, healthcare, hi-tech, consulting and transport industries, discussed ‘the black swan of covid-19’ topic with our key note speakers Nassim Nicholas Taleb, global risk analyst, Alexander Auzan, Doctor in Economics, Professor and Ruben Vardanyan, entrepreneur, investor.

The Summit was also an opportunity for Volga-Dnepr top management to personally thank our customers and partners for their support over the years, and to celebrate this remarkaЫe moment in Volga-Dnepr Group history as we head into а new era together.

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